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OPENING HOURS: 16:00-03:00

“Is it open?”

“Did you buy the tickets?”

“Flight number 1603 is ready for departure. Passengers should proceed to gate num..”

Opening Hours: 16:00–03:00 is a one day exhibition, focusing on the relation of temporarity and public/private spaces.

“Maps says its closed on Sunday.” “45 euros departure and return.”

Treptow Atelier being used as an atelier space on the second floor, warehouse for trains and a supermarket in the first floor and being a part of the old industrial side of Berlin, a periphery, the space could be used as a metaphor for an ongoing trip. It constantly grows, changes, shifts through different meanings as a space.

“Be a bit late. You guys can start eating!” “Can we stay till midnight?”
“It was a great show, what a night!”

Having cite specific works, a constantly changing stage for performances and on the loop cinema, we want to focus more on the performative side of an exhibition structure. Having elements from room structures (Living Rooms, Garten), we would like to question the meaning of the temporary relation of audience and the artwork. Why do we need to open and close places? How would you react to an exhibition, which is open for one day and named by the time framing of itself? What kind of a space would we have, in which the distance between seeing something for the first time and saying goodbye is so close? When does a room start to have a function? Are we try to personalize a space while we are exhibiting? When does a room loses its authenticity?

Opening Hours: 16:00 – 03:00 is an experiment of appreciating time. “Trying to catch the bus, lets talk later on, bye!”