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Lucie Abadie

My interest goes to infinite loops and closed spaces that are cracking – or about to crack. What moments, what presences constitute or reveal a breach, a disruption, or past events? And how are they reabsorbed by the environment they were formed in and by?

An office space whose constitutive elements are entirely standardised and monitored from their conception to their maintenance functions as an autonomous entity, able to regenerate itself and erase traces – of a coffee spill, a defective printer, a flickering light, a bit of intimacy, a cry, an employee. It means that tension rarely ends up exploding. But does it disappear? Is it stored somewhere? Does it mutate into something else?

Quiet and peaceful on the surface, almost dull, my sculpture and video installations seek to be looked at more closely. If you pay attention, you can see surfaces opening, reflections wincing, stains reappearing, smells growing, but also hear the sound of music approaching and see bodies dancing in a bright blinding light.