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Julius Voigt

„Pour être subversive, la critique n'a pas besoin de juger, il suffit de parler du langage, au lieu de s'en servir.“ (Roland Barthes)

In my work, I pursue an attempt fundamentally guided by language and sign theory, in which I work on the sign in the broadest sense as not only semiotic material. The strict assertion of a fundamental symbolic immanence, in which the human being is both ‚caught but maybe in good hands‘, is for me the bottom line of my textperiments. Methodologically, I try to link a sculptural moment with a literary one in order to develop, in particular, bodily-spiritual experiences of something like the literalness of the world. In doing so, I would like to offer a kind of semiotic playground or crime scene for the recipients, who play a decisive and not entirely harmless role for me as trace readers. With Roberto Bolaño, I would describe my own work as, in particular, a wild reading in which the following usually applies: „soy máz feliz leyendo que escribiendo“.