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Allistair Walter

„On one hand, I am mostly interested in visualizing altered states of perception through the medium of painting, on the other my work also has an almost biographical aspect to it. Although my paintings most of the time directly show scenes of my personal life and the people who are close to me, I see those more as a vehicle to express a certain feeling than to describe a specific situation or a person. Through using my phone or analogue camera like a sketchbook to capture life around me, I’m especially interested in exploring different ways of perception of light. I find myself continually taking compulsive pictures of a moment in which I experiment with focus, exposure and movement, that then results mostly in blurry, disrupted Images with a lack of information. I later use a selection of these snapshots as references to construct compositions with often unusual perspective and to depict figurative scenes that
most of the time convey an intimate but still somehow isolated atmosphere. While painting I try to translate these optical phenomena and digital effects into the material realm
of painting. By exploring and combining different techniques of painting I intend to create Works that at first have an inherent realistic feel to it yet by closer observation decompose into single abstract visual sensations.“