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Living Room_fL

by fünfter Löffel

A living room doesn’t have one function, it’s a “living” room experiencing different things at the same time. Depending on the occasion it is an event place for your friends. It is a place where you wear your pyjamas and chat with your WG-friends before you go to sleep. It could be a beginning for a whole new idea, gathering for your new project, suddenly becoming a meeting room. But sometimes it is just you, watching tv on your own. Or literally it is your own room which becomes a living room when your date comes in and you ask:

“Do you want to drink some wine?”

“Sure, do you have rose?”

You have objects which defines this ecstatic of the living room. You need a sofa to divide your WG-room and create a “living” side. Don’t need to dive into this way of calling a room “living” but again connecting a room with life makes the room more interesting. It is a private room yet most public if you compare it with your other rooms in your house. It is a space which is a show off opportunity, objects of status are there. You have a nice artwork, comfy chair, new speakers, whatever makes you cool in your own eyes. But yet it is a personal room, maybe some polaroid’s hanging on there, you are with your friends, always smiling, as if you didn’t have any discussions before.

Where is the part which makes your room more contradictory? For now your living room is full of good representations of yourself. And yet there is this garbage that you can’t throw away, or a cheap little toy you have seen somewhere and couldn’t stop buying it. Maybe you were in Italy and there you are, some souvenirs out of their context. Is it kitsch? For me. For you? Maybe it is maybe you truly have connection with it. Imagine being an art collector, yet you have this sketch of your child, hanging on the wall next to beautiful Hockney painting. Does it make sense? No. Do I like it? No. Does it matter to you? No. It is your desire to have the creativity of your own kid on the wall. Who cares..

A living room is a room of contradictions. It is desires floating from one corner to another. So the question is where to position ourselves in it. For us the solution was keeping the organic flow of the room. Or even considering the rooms that we have on our telephones, which is another kitsch that we could mention for hours. So the idea is simple:

Call the exhibition room a living room

Get some objects, which you see in a living room all the time (List can be found in the attachment.)

The small object amount should be equal to artworks which are presented.

The viewer should be unsure at first, what is an artwork, what is not, even question itself whether they are in an installation or actually a room which we also used it for our artworks?

Can the viewer sit on the couch? Yes they can. The rest is up to you.

One of our inspiration which gathers different social structures, ecstatics, notions in one room was:


Living Room_fL_map_BIG:

1. & 2. Lara Rocho
3. fårce RAIK

Living Room_fL_map_small: