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Do you remember - oh who was that one sculpture by... the one with the... do you know which one I mean? Last time you were with me, we were in that garden together and you took a picture of it... well it's not that important... yesterday, maybe it was already this morning, I happened to pass by that sculpture again on my way home and it was as if it had been replaced.
Maybe not replaced, but in the darkness and artificial light it seemed completely different. Suddenly threatening, strangely erotic. Do you remember now? Isn't it exciting how a garden changes - from day to night. No more joggers, strollers or pooping dogs. Then a guy passed by on his bike and played Nelly Furtado on one of those annoying Bluetooth speakers - for that moment it was a different sculpture again. Sorry that this voicemail has become so unnecessarily long again... I hope you're doing well otherwise... but yes what I meant to ask you how do you think a work of art changes when the space around it is in a constant state of flux? When all of a sudden  a concert, or a performance is happening next to it? I look forward to hearing what you think xx


16:00 - 22:30 - Saskia Schiemann
18:00 - Ferdinand Waas, Lena Neuburger
18:20 - Emil Schüler, Cosmo Schueppel
???surprise??? - Shona Stark